Our Story

One evening in late January 2018, the idea to launch a clothing brand dedicated to golfers (both avid and casual) and the lifestyle surrounding it, was born.

Why? Out of necessity.

I realized that I didn’t have any casual golf themed shirts that I could wear around the house, grocery store, to the restaurant, etc. that would identify me as a golfer off the course (other than a hat or golf polo). I looked online, and all I saw were very expensive golf shirts ranging from $35-$45 and the cheaper ones had corny designs like “I’d Tap That” or “I Like Putts and I Cannot Lie” and was only 100% cotton.

Since my wife bought all of my t-shirts, I asked her "what do you look for when buying a shirt?" She said, "1) the quality of the shirt, 2) the price and 3) the design.

That’s when the idea for Stymie Clothing Company was born.


What does "Stymie" mean?
The word "Stymie" originated in golf back in the 1800s and occurs when one player's ball blocked the path of another player's ball on the green. The obstructing player's ball could not be moved, therefore being "Stymied."

In modern day use, the word "Stymie" means to "block or prevent or hinder the progress of."


Even though our roots are in golf, I didn't want to create a company that was strictly golf themed. I wanted to develop a brand that could be used for everyday wear - from lounging around the house, to the gym, to even a casual night out on the town. The golf theme would still be a main part of the collection, but the Stymie brand is what would bring everyone together - from men, women, boys and girls.



Stymie Clothing Company featured on FOX10 NEWS Arizona. Check out the story here!



TV and radio personality, Dan Patrick of the Dan Patrick show is seen wearing the "Passion Bucket" shirt on his show! Check out the story here.

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